Our Story

perthupholstery Company

Our main goal at perthupholstery Co., is to showcase and honor the awesome women of Alaska (and beyond)! To let women know that who they are on the inside is what matters most! The things they do, how they care for others, how they overcome adversity, how they take care of their families and themselves....and also showcase the unique lifestyle these Alaskan women live. This is what we want to focus on and appreciate! Our society likes to showcase women because of how they look, we want to showcase women because of WHO they ARE!

Our style is vintage with a twist of modern! We strive to create unique, one of a kind clothing for our customers, that is not only super cute, but functional! Most of our clothing and accessories are designed in Palmer, Alaska and screen printed in Anchorage, Alaska!

Besides clothing, we also love to rescue old furniture, and other things people discard, and save it from ending up in the landfill. We up-cycle and reuse old junk, and give it new life! Each year we hold two vintage markets to sell our up-cycled furniture, home decor and vintage finds. We also invite almost 100 other vendors to attend.... from up-cyclers, artisans, crafters, and food vendors. This is our way to help, support, and encourage other local Alaskan crafters and small businesses.